Barawy, founded in 2009,  it is a reality based on different skills, knowledge and governance of the different production techniques and sales disciplines. The Group is engaged in different sectors and services for the development of products, services and marketing of products to countries in the Middle East, particularly Kurdistan - Iraq - Iran.
Barawy decided in recent years to engage in the renewable energy and energy efficiency. In compliance with a strong focus on environmental issues and sustainable development has started a new project: Production of organic vegetables without chemicals in respecting the environment, in saving water, in the production of clean electricity.
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Head office - Koya Road, near Rizgary Hospital -  Erbil   Kurdistan-Iraq Tel.: 00964 750 4639397  Mail:   Web:
Barawy is a company that operates in several areas. Oriented to all business processes, to the ideas, components, solutions and, not least, to the business model. The company operates with increasing success in the market of solutions of various opportunities in this context.
In Barawy we are proud to offer our customers a service and efficient products. The success is also the result of the ability to establish long-term relationships with its customers, based on professional integrity, intellectual honesty and quality of achievements and service. Our policy is to carry out the projects in the most efficient and cost effective as possible, while respecting the ethics of work and in proper respect in the market.
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The barawy is deeply convinced that the reputation and integrity to be fundamental values for a company, therefore, considered necessary to model its business activities, as well as external relations, the following principles: Rectitude, Loyalty, Reliability, Correctness, Protection of health and environment, Respect and protection of the person.
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